The Best Dominican Republic Beaches

The sovereign state that is the Dominican Republic commands a glorious position with coastlines that embrace both the Atlantic and Caribbean.  It’s no surprise that some of the best beaches in Dominican Republic find a happy home along the coastlines of this 18,500 square mile paradise.  In addition to the array of unspoiled beaches, the Dominican Republic is notable for having the highest mountain, the largest lake, Dominican Republic Villas and the fastest growing economy within the Caribbean.

The Best Dominican Republic beaches fringe the prestigious coastline and overlook the Caribbean Sea

Famously, the largest gold mine in the world is located within the Dominican Republic but once you stroll along some of the best beaches in Dominican Republic and watch a warm sun kiss the sea with golden hues, you might think this is the treasure worth possessing. For more information you can read our Dominican Republic guide book.

So, let’s embark on a lively jaunt around the most popular destination in the Caribbean and visit some of the best beaches in Dominican Republic that charm visitors each year.


Kite Beach

On the northern shore of Dominican Republic where the Atlantic laps the coastline lies one of the most famous of the Dominican Republic beaches.  Kite Beach, near to the town of Cabarete, is well known to any kite surfer or surfing enthusiast.  The wind conditions along this beach ensure year-round action for holiday makers who like an Adrenalin rush.  Whether you have already earned your stripes as a kite surfer par excellence or are hoping to embark on the first thrilling lesson, Kite Beach is the place to go.

Annually the Masters of the Ocean competitions are held on this beach where some of the most spectacular acrobatics will be undertaken by talented sportsmen (and women!).  If you want to build some kite surfing, paddle boarding or plain old surfing into a holiday to Dominican Republic, at Exceptional Villas we will be delighted to pre-book your tuition or equipment in advance.

Kite beach is one of the best beaches in Dominican republic, splashed with colorful Kites!

If you are a little more laid back and enjoy a day at that beach with plenty to see, then lie back and watch the colourful display of kites that will fill the horizon as you add to your freckle collection.

Cabarete Beach

In addition to the hectic activity over on Kite Beach, the main beach that runs along the waterfront of Cabarete is a very different destination.  The shallow waters that stretch quite a distance off shore, mean that this beach has become a safe place to enjoy swimming and splashing about.  There is an extensive reef system off shore that protects this coastline and makes it a paradise for water enthusiasts.

To add to all of this day time fun, there are many very trendy restaurants and bars that line the beach.  As a daytime visitor you can enjoy casual fare and some restoring cool beverages and snacks.  At night, these pretty restaurants transform into twinkly-light festooned restaurants where guests can dine under the stars.  The beach becomes a tranquil and romantic destination where a stroll after dinner seems inevitable.

Las Galeras

This area on the north-eastern side of Dominican Republic has gained its name The Galleys because two galleys (ships) remained anchored here during the 16th Century.  It would be remiss not to mention the historic connections associated with Hispaniola (the large island that is made up of the Sovereign States of both Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic is the very place that Christopher Columbus weighed anchor in 1492.  More on this later …

If you want to enjoy some incredible beaches, then Las Galeras is your starting point.

Rincon Beach

This is a quiet beach ideally suited to visitors who want a laid-back beach experience.  Without the impact of resorts and hotels nearby, the beach is rarely crowded.  There are some amenities along the beach where you can get some locally caught fresh fish lightly grilled with delicious coconut bread.  If you want to bring your own picnic, you will find it the perfect place to step away from some of the more hectic beaches further along the coastline.

Retreat to the golden paradise of Rincon Beach, one of the best beaches in Dominican republic

Playa Fronton

For the ultimate in castaway bliss, why not take a boat to the completely undisturbed Playa Fronton.  In just over 30 minutes, you can sail out of the pretty harbour of Las Galeras and discover a stunning beach untouched by economic development.  The sheer cliffs provide shelter to this amazing cove and the coconut palms can provide a welcome shade in the heat of the day.

This beach can be reached by hikers but it requires a local guide and a bit of stamina to get there.  Do make your voyage and enjoy the morning sunshine and swimming as the sun moves around in the afternoon and the beach is cast in shade by the dramatic cliffs.


Punta Cana

This area of the Dominican Republic is the most easterly point.  It has 20 miles of amazing beaches along its Atlantic/Caribbean coastline.  Due to the perfection of the beaches – think dreamy white sands, turquoise seas – this coastal area has earned the soubriquet:  La Costa del Coco (the Coconut Coast).

As you can imagine, the Dominican Republic beaches that are located along the coastline are some of the best in the Caribbean. Discover some of the best Punta Cana Restaurants dotted along this prestigious coastline.

Check out our Punta Cana villas.

Juanillo Beach

For something more secluded than the vibrant Santo domingo beaches, retreat to the serenity of the islands smaller beaches

This beach is a must-see if you are holidaying in and around the Cap Cana area.  It has a very fun, party vibe and families and young people find it the ultimate place to relax or enjoy some volley ball or gentle water sports.  The wonderful restaurant Little John’s is located on this beach and serves delicious foods and cocktails all day and into the evening.  This beach has a ‘private’ beach vibe to it and so doesn’t get excessively busy.  Pretty palm trees dot the shoreline making it the picture postcard Caribbean beach destination.

Cortecito Beach

Also located in the Cap Cana area, this fabulous sandy beach offers water sports, sunbathing, cute bars and a laid-back beach vibe.  Easily accessed from some of the gorgeous all-inclusive resorts around Cap Cana, this beach is adjacent to some first-rate golf courses and hotels with fabulous spa services. One of the interesting Dominican Republic Facts is that is has a total of 30 golf courses in total.

Bavaro Beach

Dominican Republic Playa Bavaro is yet another heavenly beach located in the Cap Cana region of this wonderful country.  With unimpeded views over the Caribbean Sea, this beach is backed by five-star hotels and resorts, with luxurious self-contained villas where you and your family can base yourselves.  Again, the white sands, the coconut trees combine to create the loveliest tableau.  If you are honeymooning in Dominican Republic, Punta Cana and Cap Cana Resorts can offer you that magical and memorable vacation experience where romance is always a part of each day.

Minitas beach

Minitas Beach is one of the best Dominican Republic beaches with its lavish sandy shoreline and crystallized turquoise waters

Minitas beach is a powdery sugar-fine beach that indulges in panoramic views over a breathtaking location. The beach is based near the sought after Casa de Campo resort, which is one of the best resorts in the Dominican Republic. Here you can enjoy a variety of water sports including snorkeling, kayaking, hobie cats, and windsurfing. Nearby you will discover a plethora of restaurants to tantalize your taste buds. You can even make your way to the vibrant Artist Village, Altos de Chavon.


The Dominican Republic southern coast captures all that is fabulous about the Caribbean Sea.  Again, crystal clear waters, stunning beaches and the ubiquitous palm trees welcome lucky guests to the shore each day.

Playa Juan Dolio

This beach offers the full Dominican Republic holiday experience.  The main beach of Juan Dolio extends in either direction along some of the most glorious Caribbean coastline.  A natural choice for locals and tourists, you will find a lively atmosphere along this beach at weekends.  The town of Juan Dolio has a well-developed beachfront with lovely bars and restaurants that offer delicious lunches and dinner to visitors to this pretty part of the southern coast.  A very manageable distance of 40 minutes to the nearby capital Santo Domingo, means that you can build a morning at the beach into an afternoon of culture or shopping.

Bahia de las Aguiles

This translates as Eagle’s Bay and this 5-mile beach is a protected beach within the Jaragua National Park.  With no development for miles around, you will need to get a local guide to take you to this beach where you can enjoy a day at one with nature.  The nearest town of Pedernales, on the southwestern end of Dominican Republic is about 15 miles away.  The sea life swim close to shore, there are eagles overhead, incredible flora and fauna – everything flourishes without human interference.  There is a threat that this protected beach will be developed.  Let’s hope sanity prevails and Dominican Republic sees the value in keeping their nature reserves intact.  You would only need to look to the intelligence employed by Costa Rica who understand how attractive these untouched spaces are to visitors and scientists.

With many of the best beaches in Dominican republic nearby, don't forget to also enjoy the natural area, bursting with vibrant nature reserves.

Don’t forget your hats, sunscreen (coral friendly varieties please!), swimsuits and lots of water and snacks.  Unless you fancy your chances as a Man Friday, there are no little beach shacks nearby to sustain you!  Enjoy!

Santo Domingo

This is the capital city of Dominican Republic.  It has the impressive Colonial Zone that has spectacular buildings and architecture that is centuries old.  You will find shopping, history, restaurants, bars, nightlife – everything you would wish in any large city but, as well, it is a coastal city and port and you have a number of beaches to visit too.  The Santo Domingo beaches that are within the city limits are perhaps not all they should be.

It is a universal issue of trying to maintain beaches with a large urban area close by.  Nonetheless, it’s only a short distance to get to some nearby towns where the beach experience is truly lovely.   Here is my list of some of the best beaches in Santo Domingo or its environs.

Bocana Beach and Club

This is a lovely beach club located in Boca Chica near to Santo Domingo.  This is where you can drop in for lunch or to spend a day on the beach.  Comfortable sun loungers, shades and a shallow beach that stretches from powder white sand.  This is the place where you will be spoiled with waiter service and enjoy some delicious cocktails and food.  The beach is well-maintained and the Club organised.  A very relaxing experience.

If you are staying in this incredible location and want to make the most of the Santo Domingo beaches, then the wonderful Playa Juan Dolio mentioned above is ideal.  It is about a 40-minute drive but well worth the trip as you will find it well-maintained with lots of amenities.

Conclusion –  The Best Dominican Republic Beaches

Regardless of what the Dominican Republic beach names are – Bonito (Beautiful), Las Galeras (The Galleys), Las Aguiles (the Eagles) … they all amount to the same thing – perfection!

There is a beach for everyone in Dominican Republic.  The northern coast, embracing the Atlantic has some lovely sheltered and calm beaches but is the destination of choice for the surfing and kite enthusiasts.  The waves and winds on some of the larger beaches are ideally suited to the active holiday-makers.  For a luxurious experience, the eastern coastline where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet, is where some of the gorgeous resorts like Punta Cana and Cap Cana offer fabulous all-inclusive services to enjoy with access to beautiful marinas and beaches.

The southern coast is the Caribbean idyll.  Sandy beaches, blue waters.  Calmer wave conditions that attract families and less confident water babies.  The one constant feature throughout your visit to this country is the gentle and friendly welcome by the locals, the beauty of the country and the delicious food.  The beaches are the picture-postcard ideal you have been dreaming of.  Coconut palms, waving against a blue sky, dotted along the sandy shoreline of a turquoise sea.

Whether you are the early riser who likes a swim before breakfast or the vacationer who likes to take the last swim of the day at sunset, you will find just what you are looking for – body and soul – on the beautiful beaches of Dominican Republic.

At Exceptional Villas, we have been welcoming guests for decades to some of the most beautiful villas and resorts across the Dominican Republic.  Our expert concierges have spent time at each property and out and about exploring the country.  The first-hand knowledge and experience they can offer allows us to create the perfectly bespoke holiday experience for you.  Whether you are looking for the honeymoon vacation of your dreams or an action-packed family adventure, we can create all of this for you.  We are truly able to unlock a Dominican Republic experience like no other.

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