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Amanda Kevlin

Caribbean Villa Specialist

Amanda is one of our Luxury Caribbean Villa Specialists and has an in-dept knowledge of our luxury villa rentals throughout the Caribbean and has personally inspected each villa we feature in these destinations. Amanda specialises in Dominican Republic, Spain, Jamaica and Mexico. She has always had a passion for learning about different cultures so at the age of 20 Amanda went live in Singapore which is so rich in culture and it was this incredible experience that gave her a life-long passion for travel. Island hopping is part of the experience when you live in Asia and there are some fantastic tropical getaways and island escapes easily reached from Singapore so at the weekends she visited locations such as Sentosa Island, Lazarus Island, Kusu Island and St John’s Island.

Some of the other locations Amanda has visited in Asia include Langkawi in Malaysia, Koh Samui in Thailand, Jakarta in Indonesia and the Philippines. Amanda then moved to Tokyo in Japan for two years which is a Country that has an abundance of fascinating places, traditions and is so rich in modern cultures that it is incomparable. After returning from her travel adventures abroad, Amanda had a long career in Senior retail management positions working for some worldwide brands and as a business development manager for large apparel companies including VF Corporation.

Amanda’s loves her role as a Caribbean villa specialist at Exceptional Villas and being able to match the perfect Caribbean villa with the individual requirements for each family. Whether it be a family with young children, a couples vacation, a large multi-generational vacation, a family re-union or a special occasion, she will find the right villa in the perfect location where you can make unforgettable memories to cherish for a lifetime.

My Favourite Destinations

Some of Amanda’s favourite destinations in the Caribbean are Jamaica and Dominican Republic.


I absolutely love visiting Jamaica. The culture is so rich and there were just so many things to love about this amazing Caribbean destination. One of my favourite things was the gorgeous vibrant Jamaican colours everywhere, whether it’s the local people sporting their striped coloured socks and clothing or the painted beach huts, people love to fly the flag of their national colours. I also loved the local slang words that you will hear from almost everyone you talk to, some of my favourites were ‘yeah mon’ ‘Irie’ ‘Mi cool man’. It’s almost impossible not to leave without it catching on in some way and saying it amongst your friends and family.

Jamaica is also famous for it’s Rum and is one of the strongest rums in the world. In most of the villas, your butler will mix up the perfect rum with gorgeous fresh fruit juices or with Coke or Pepsi. Whichever way you prefer it mixed, it’s all part of the authentic Jamaican experience. Likewise, if you enjoy your coffee, Blue Mountain Peak Coffee locally grown in the Blue Mountains and a must try while you’re there. It is ranked amongst the top 10 coffee brands in the entire world, so you won’t be disappointed. Jamaica is also the home of the jerk and more famously Jerk chicken, but if you’re not a fan of chicken don’t worry as they also every other kind of meat with the jerk spices and it’s all delicious.

Bob Marley is also a big part of the Jamaican experience. Famed for taking Reggae music to every corner of the world, you’ll see his picture painted everywhere, from shopfronts, to houses, bars, and even clothing. You’ll see his famous lyrics and even better you’ll hear his amazing hit songs played in the bars, restaurants and beach clubs.

The villas are truly amazing and what’s even more impressive is the amazing service you’ll receive from the beautiful local staff. They look after your every need and become a big part of the fabulous Jamaican Villa experience and a big reason why people go back time and time again to this gorgeous Island. The white sandy beaches and vivid clear blue oceans are breath-takingly beautiful and not to mention the amazing sunshine and clear blue skies. Another must while in Jamaica is a visit to Puerto Seco beach and Chukka adventures park. Jamaica really is the perfect choice for the perfect vacation.

Dominican Republic

I have been lucky to get to visit the Dominican Republic which is a wonderful Caribbean destination and I loved my time there inspecting some of the most beautiful villas in the world. I visited the exclusive Punta Cana resort, Cap Can resort and the Casa De Campo resorts. I absolutely loved each resort and for different reasons. The people are warm and friendly and the local Dominican cuisine was a real treat. We sampled many local dishes prepared by our villa chefs including Mangu which is Plantain mash, tostones which is a fried plantain and Sancocho a 7 meat stew.

My time at Casa De Campo was fabulous. I visited the beautiful Minitas beach which I loved. The beautiful clear blue sea and white sandy beaches were amazing. Minitas beach was relaxing which lots of different areas for you to enjoy. The ocean was calm and child friendly and there was also a funky and newly renovated pool area. The food in The Beach Club by LE CIRQUE restaurant was delicious. and when you walk up the beach you can do all kinds of water-sports, play football and other activities.

The Marina is fantastic which has shops and plenty of different restaurants to chooses from including Laga, and Pub belly and La Casita which was my favourite. There was beautiful live entertainment and in the most wonderful setting and service was amazing. If you’re a fan of golf it’s the ultimate golf destination with 3 world class golf courses. My favourite place to visit was the incredible Altos De Chavon village. There were shops, restaurants and it also has an amazing outdoor theatre which has had world famous artists perform including Andrea Bocelli.

Punta Cana is also an amazing resort with everything a family could need for the perfect vacation. The beaches are also fantastic, there were plenty of amenities also, a huge shopping centre and also a village with plenty of lovely restaurants and shops. La Cana Golf and beach club was amazing, and it is also great for golf, polo and has an equestrian centre and Marina. One of my favourite locations was Tortuga Bay Hotel. This is truly magnificent, designed by Oscar De La Renta, it has its own private beach and an award-winning restaurant. I would highly recommend these resorts for a family vacation.

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