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Vacation Rentals in Puerto Rico
Dorado Beach Resort

Puerto Rico Villas & Vacation Rentals

Puerto Rico is the smallest and most easterly of the Greater Antilles.  It is less than four hours flying time from New York and is part of the US commonwealth which means it has the wonderful advantage in that you don’t need a passport coming from the United States.

Puerto Rico offers a wonderful combination of stunning Caribbean scenery, pristine beaches and Latin flavour all with the added bonus of modern US infrastructure.  Puerto Rico is very mountainous inland with dense rain forests sweeping down to the Atlantic on the East and Caribbean Sea on the West.

There are more than 300 stunning beaches as well as golf courses, art galleries, incredible coral reefs, brilliant surfing, great hiking, caving, fishing, vibrant nightlife and excellent shopping; the island literally has it all.

Some of our favourite villas include Gardenia at Las Casitas, Ocean Breeze at Bahia Beach, and Su Casa at Dorado Beach.

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