Looking for some of the world’s best beaches?

Looking for the softest, finest, golden sands and the clearest turquoise seas in the world?

Then a vacation to Turks and Caicos is a must.

I have visited all the Caribbean islands, many times.  Turks and Caicos has become one of my favorite destinations.

The beaches are exquisite.  Of these the best known is Grace Bay. It was voted the Caribbean’s Leading Beach Destination in 2012, 2013, and 2014 by the World Travel Awards. Turks and Caicos itself received this award in 2015 and 2016.

Grace Bay is also in the World’s Top 10 beaches by Trip Advisor.

There are also many lesser known stunning beaches dotted throughout the islands.

The slow curving arc of Grace Beach cruises into the distance, encompassing a glittering blue sea that reaches back into the horizon, topped by a huge blue sky.

Turks and Caicos is a British Overseas Territory which comprise of two sets of islands. The larger Caicos Islands and the smaller group called Turks islands. Together there are 40 islands in total of which 8 are inhabited.  Turks and Caicos is approximately 550 miles south east of Miami and just south of the Bahamas.

The main island, from a tourism point of view, is Providenciales. This is where you will find many beautiful Turks and Caicos Villas. There are also several private islands which also host some of the best Turks and Caicos Rentals. These include Parrot Cay and Sail Rock.  They are both super exclusive and beautiful.

One of the best ways to see these is to take a boat trip either for the day or overnight.   You will then get a unique opportunity to see some of the amazing off the beaten track beaches. Aine, our villa specialist for Turks and Caicos, and I were lucky enough to be invited onto The Prive Yacht for the day on our recent visit. What an amazing day it was!

The Prive Yacht ready for launch at the Blue Haven Marina in Turks and Caicos

We set sail from the Blue Haven Marina which is on the eastern tip of Providenciales. Champagne was soon flowing as we passed many stunning islands and beaches.

A number of sleek white yachts and smaller skiffs berthed at the Blue Haven Marina

First was Mangrove Cay to the right and then sailed past Iguana Island.  We moored alongside the beaches of Pine Cay. The scenery and nature can only be described as breathtaking. The beaches are exquisite and the sea was the most turquoise I have ever seen.

We spent a leisurely day enjoying incredible food, swimming and jet skiing before we sailed to our home at the Beach Enclave and to view as many villas as possible.

But now down to the most important bit on where to stay..

The Exceptional Villas team has inspected each one of the villas. We are in the perfect position to provide insider information on the top 5 villas on the islands.  Turks and Caicos is without a doubt one of the most exclusive islands in the Caribbean, if not the world.  The Turks and Caicos Villas are some of the most luxurious and exquisite that you will find anywhere in the world.

Here are our Top 5 Turks and Caicos Villas

1.Beach Enclave

Beach Enclave is one of the newest developments of villas on North Shore in Turks and Caicos. It is also one of the most luxurious. There are 9 rental homes in total but our favorite ones are, without a doubt, the beachfront villas. Beach Enclave is at the end of a private road in one of the most tranquil parts of Providenciales. It is on Babalua Beach. Yet it is still only a 10 minute drive from the World’s best beach at Grace Bay. There is a reef on parts of the beach making it perfect for snorkeling. There are also plenty of sandy stretches if you’d rather take a cooling dip.

The décor is exquisite and very contemporary with clean lines and stunning art. But what will take your breath away at Beach Enclave are the incredible views. The villas are set on two levels and have floor to ceiling windows on both levels to maximize the view.

Each of the villas has an infinity pool. There are also some great communal facilities. The include a state of the art gymnasium and a yoga pavilion.

Four Rattan style sit 2 either side of a stylish table on the sun deck at Beach Enclave. The indescribably blueish sea disappears into the distance.

Our Favorite Feature of the Beach Enclave

Every aspect is amazing but above all the view is one of the best we have ever seen. This is the place you will want to sit and be tranquil.

2. Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is another of the islands top villas. It is a stunning five bedroom beachfront home. It is more traditional than The Beach Enclave but equally exquisite. The style of the house is more plantation manor house. Amazing Grace is at the very end of Grace Bay at the tip of Providenciales. It sits on a stretch of more than 600 feet of beach front. Over 9,000 square feet of stunning landscaped tropical gardens encompass the property.

There’s a private 50 foot pool and your own 100 foot boat dock from which to sail off and explore some of the other islands. The house comes with a media room installed with an incredible theater system, a chef’s kitchen and an immense master bedroom. The master bedroom takes up two sides of the upper floor. The views everywhere are breathtaking and especially from the master bedroom.

Aerial view of Amazing Grace. A sandy road snakes through the bosky landscape to the villa which is surrounded by vibrant green tropical trees. The villa itself is comprised of a pair of 2 story, white buildings and leads directly onto grace Beach. The sand blazes in the sun and a pair of parasols provide welcome shade for residents.

Our Favorite Feature of Amazing Grace

The beach frontage is spectacular and the sea and sand here are unbeatable.

3. Triton Villa

Triton Villa is new to the rental scene on the island. But, boy, what a great addition! It is one of our personal all time favorite villas. Triton has an incredible beach-side setting on the golden sands of Long Bay Beach and is 6 km from Grace Bay. The villa sits on over 2 acres of landscaped beachfront and is contemporary with clean lines and exquisite furnishings. The thing that will completely take your breath away are the views from almost every aspect of the house; even from some of the bathrooms.

Triton Villa has 7 luxury bedrooms and sleeps up to 14 people. The villa comes complete with two gorgeous swimming pools. There’s one located at the front and one at the back of the villa. There is a gorgeous fire pit located on the terrace with a huge screen that unrolls so that you can watch the latest blockbuster with friends or family.

The villa also has a stunning pergola covered dining area, a barbecue, paddle boards, kayaks, bocce courts, yoga and meditation area and several pool cabanas as well as a hammock with, possibly, the best view we have ever seen.

Triton is the absolute perfect choice of villa for a special occasion, small destination wedding, anniversary, party or multi-generational get together.

The clean-cut, almost cubist, white lines of Triton Villa in Turks and Caicos as seen across the lush green lawn. Before the villa, two white pagodas sit at either end of the infinity pool. The pool itself has a thick glass front and the stairs leading out of the pool and up to the sun deck can be seen.

Our Favorite Feature of Triton Villa

The design is exquisite. The way the architect has made the most of the view visible from every aspect of this villa.

4. Sailrock

Sailrock Villas are another new addition to the luxurious villas of Turks and Caicos. The Sailrock resort is on the quiet and remote island of South Caicos.

The beaches at the Sailrock resort are every bit as gorgeous as the beaches in the rest of Turks and Caicos. Here you have the advantage of one of the most tranquil settings in the world with amazing resort facilities.

There are a variety of villas to choose from but one of our personal favorite is the four bedroom villa. It is close to 6000 square feet in area and is right on the beach with its own private infinity swimming pool. The villa has an exquisite central room which is open plan with the living, dining room and kitchen. This ensures that no matter where you are in the villa, you will have breathtaking views.

The wonderful thing about staying at Sailrock is that you have all the facilities, space, and independence of your own private villa yet have all the facilities of a resort. A full American breakfast is included each day. You will have access to a wide range of water sports, a communal pool and gymnasium.

The vast blue sky looms in the horizon over a blue/green sea, the color of which defies description. A well tended boardwalk leads to the beach and the water flanked by white powdery sand with vivid green succulent bushes on one side and a pagoda on the other.

Our Favorite Feature of Sailrock

We love the fact that you have a private villa in an incredible location yet have access to resort facilities.

5. Tip of the Tail

Tip of the Tail is one of the most spectacular villas, not just in Turks and Caicos, but in the entire Caribbean. This incredible beach front villa is in an area called Turtle Tail and sits on the end of a peninsula hence the name. This six bedroom villa has over 500 feet of oceanfront. Four of the bedrooms are at the front of the villa with incredible sea views.

This is one of the most beautiful locations we have ever seen. It is also private and tranquil. The villa is contemporary with clean lines and is extremely sophisticated. The interiors are exquisite with the most beautiful furnishing and fittings. The theme is white with natural wood and luxurious marble finishes.

One of the best features of Tip of The Tail are the gorgeous outdoor living spaces which lead to the beautiful glass walled infinity pool. No matter where you are, the views are absolutely breathtaking.

Other facilities include a host of water sports facilities such as paddle boards and kayaks, an outdoor barbeque, spectacular chef’s kitchen and a full team including a housekeeper, chef and butler to look after your ever need

Tip of the Tail, one of our luxury Turks and Caicos Villas, sits at the end of a sandy peninsula. The view is from the air and the landscape, a lush green and blue, reaches into the distance.

Our Favorite Feature of Tip of The Tail Villa

For anyone looking for tranquility, beauty and nature at its very best, this is the perfect villa.

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